Wellness is an innovative concept. It is a new trend used to represent integral health in which the body, mind, spirit and soul are in harmony, producing a feeling of total well-being.

Any method or activity that improves physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing is considered wellness. In fact, the Spanish translation of the word is: Bienestar.

Costa Rica is a perfect destination to connect with nature and release stress in our daily life. Walking in the green forests of Costa Rica, breathing fresh air, admiring the colors of the flora, diving into the warm waters of the Pacific and the Atlantic, enjoying quiet colorful sunsets on the sand, relaxing in the hot waters springs, listening to the running water, feeling the water at the foot of a waterfall or boosting your adrenaline by zip-lining, rappelling or rafting. All this will help liberate the body, soul and mind, and all this can be found in this beautiful country.

Small Distinctive Hotels understands the importance of this global trend and its hotels offer services and activities that will complement your experience in Costa Rica.

Wellness at Alma del Pacifico

Located along the beautiful Playa Esterillos Este, in Costa Rica's breathtaking Central Pacific region, Alma del Pacifico Beach Hotel & Spa is the ultimate seaside escape. Enjoy authentic Costa Rican dishes and savor delectable international cuisine in the Mosaic Restaurant. The Spa at Alma del Pacifico Beach Hotel & Spa offers an extensive menu of Costa Rican spa treatments combining professional, personal care and a beautiful seaside setting, witch creates an experience of peace, wellness and rejuvenation.


Wellness at Belmar Hotel

In the mountains of Monteverde you will find the Belmar Hotel, which features the famous Juice Bar and Tea room. Here you can enjoy natural fruit juices and freshly squeezed vegetables, as well as smoothies, teas and coffees, which is an amazing experience. The spa will help replenish your health and find relaxation. Doing yoga in this hotel is a total connection with the cloud forest due to its proximity. These classes can be performed in a group or individually. Do not forget that the best therapy in Monteverde is to walk in the mystical cloud forest.


Wellness at Capitan Suizo Hotel

If you plan to visit Guanacaste, Hotel Capitan Suizo is a beachfront gem. Located specifically in Tamarindo, where nature and animals unite with love and respect. Enjoy the sound of the waves, the breeze and the sunsets. You can savor healthy, light dishes with fresh and organic ingredients, in this hotel. In addition, you can enjoy a massage with a sea view, the most relaxing of the day.


Wellness at Casa Turire Hotel

In the rural area of Turrialba, Hotel Casa Turire is a favorite place for exploring Costa Rica. The mountains of this destination form an extraordinary panorama. Listen to your inner voice as you hear the rehabilitating silence. Meditate with the birds singing from the gardens and the stunning Lake La Angostura, a part of this beautiful hotel. Additionally, in this hotel, you can enjoy massages, aromatherapy, scrubs and wraps. One of its unique features is that it has its own fruit and vegetable garden, so it can offer its customers organic ingredients on their menu. Fall in love with the view of the Turrialba volcano.


Wellness at Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge

If what you need is rest and relaxation consider visiting Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge in Golfo Dulce, a lush evergreen vegetation destination. Indulge yourself in a yoga class at dawn in front of the calm sea and enjoy walks in the forest or relax in a hammock focusing on the sounds of nature. Most of the ingredients in their menu are organic and a delight to any palate. Massages, meditation, nature and much more take you to your fullest potential.


Wellness at Peace Lodge La Paz Waterfall Gardens

A cloudy rainforest is what you might discover in Peace Lodge. While walking through its wildlife refuge, you will stroll through a path that will lead you to up to 5 magnificent waterfalls. Connect with nature as you breathe in the fresh air, feel a drizzle at the foot of a waterfall and hear the rushing water. In addition, the rooms are a warm corner because of their beautiful fireplaces. If you prefer, you can get a massage in your room.


Wellness at Villa Caletas

Villa Caletas, a combination of beach and mountain located in the Central Pacific. You will fall in love solely with the majestic view this hotel offers. Enjoy massages, walk along the sand, visit the lush tropical forest where the emerald green sea complements some of the most breathtaking sunsets you will ever see, all this while watching scarlet macaws flying around, will make your stay a magnificent experience.


Wellness at Grano de Oro Hotel

Even in the city you can awaken your own sense of well-being. Hotel Grano de Oro features an incomparable gastronomy, with unique and innovative recipes that will satisfy your taste buds. You can also expand your knowledge of Costa Rican culture by visiting enriching museums and buildings with historical significance. For those who love jogging, Grano de Oro is located a few blocks from the Urban Park La Sabana where people go to exercise throughout the day.



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