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Hotel Belmar was founded in 1985 by Pedro Belmar and his wife Vera Zeledon, who settled in Monteverde after a decade-long sojourn in Austria. The chalets of Tirol inspired their vision for Hotel Belmar, a style that persists to this day.

Hotel Belmar was one of the pioneers of tourism in Monteverde. As the second hotel to be founded in the area, it has seen the town transform from a subsistence-agriculture society to a thriving, modern eco-tourism destination. Hotel Belmar was key in this transformation, offering a new kind of employment that allowed for social mobility and education in sustainability.

Throughout its existence, Hotel Belmar has shaped the lives of many and holds a special place in the collective memory of Monteverde residents.

From its use of renewable energy, to its “farm-to-table” philosophy of sourcing local ingredients and involvement in social initiatives, Hotel Belmar sets itself high ethical standards. One of the few hotels in Costa Rica to be awarded the coveted Level 5 for sustainability, Hotel Belmar’s commitment to the environment and the local community has been unyielding for over 30 years.

Celajes Restaurant

Hotel Belmar’s lively Celajes Restaurant features splendid balconies overlooking the Pacific Ocean and offers world-class dishes, created by the head chef and served by warm and friendly staff. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Celajes also offers room service from noon to 9 pm.

Customized meal options

Customized meal options include breakfast served in bed or, if you are taking a day-excursion, you may choose to order a picnic basket from the lunch menu including wine, beverages and dessert. For the evening, private dinners may be pre-booked and served on your room terrace, featuring custom-prepared courses, wine or champagne and your own personal waiter to tend to your every need.

Spa Services

Hotel Belmar is well-equipped to help you relax and unwind after a day of adventure in the forest. A wide range of professional spa services are offered in the Spa Room or in certain guest rooms; or take a splash in the scenic Jacuzzi, surrounded by greenery in a glass-walled gazebo just below the main hotel.

Yoga Studio

The hotel also boasts a new yoga studio overlooking a Zen-Buddhist-inspired garden, which offers regular yoga classes, as well as private lessons and space for individual practice.

Recreational Activities

Hotel Belmar also periodically holds art exhibitions, dance workshops and other recreational activities in the studio, maintaining its dynamic relationship with the community.


Hotel Belmar has 22 beautifully appointed rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning views of ancient forest and Pacific Ocean, while the tiled balconies, crisp cotton sheets and hardwood furnishings provide solid comfort.

Aside from ourPeninsula Roomswhich offer two queen sized beds, most of our other rooms are romantic and ideal for couples and honeymoons.Peninsula and Peninsula Superior Roomsare available in the main hotel, with balconies overlooking the Nicoya Gulf.”

Celajes Restaurant

The Hotel’s Celajes Restaurant uses only the best local ingredients, many of which are grown on the hotel property itself or on the Belmar family organic farm.  The style of its culinary offerings ranges from interpretations of traditional Costa Rican dishes to original recipes reflecting the natural environment of the Monteverde area.

Hotel Belmar complimentary breakfasts include homemade jams, granola, sweet and savory breads, yoghurt, freshly squeezed orange juice and local fruits, invariably accompanied by a leisurely bird-watching session on the restaurant balcony. If you prefer a hot meal, you may opt for pancakes, or the typical Costa Rican gallo pinto, served with free-range organic eggs, queso fresco or omelets made to order.

Celajes Lounge Bar

In addition to a selection of the highest quality wines and spirits, the highlights of Celajes Lounge Bar include craft beers brewed on-site, as well as artisanal cocktails created from organic, seasonal ingredients, many of which come straight from the garden. Tico Time, the Hotel Belmar version of happy hour, features an assortment of bocas (Costa Rican tapas) complimentary with selected drinks, as well as other drinks specials.

Coffee Region

Furthermore, Hotel Belmar strives to offer an exceptional experience of the coffee region in which we are. All of the coffee used at Hotel Belmar is organically grown in Madre Tierra, the family farm, just twenty minutes away from the Hotel. We also offer in-room coffee service, coffee for purchase and many opportunities for coffee tours in the region.

Juice Bar & Tea Room

In the Chalet, the Juice Bar & Tea Room offers a variety of natural, freshly squeezed juices and smoothies prepared with the best organic ingredients and super-foods, as well as homemade tea blends made with flowers and spices from our garden.


The hotel’s own professional naturalist guide is available to lead you on a Natural History and Birdwatching Tour through beautiful, primary-forest trails. Or try the Night Hike to experience the symphony of sounds that emanate from the forest at night, and give yourself a chance to spot sloths, armadillos, possums, bats, snakes and frogs when they are most active.

The hotel also offers regular complimentary tours of its sustainability program, to learn about the compost system, biodigester, native plant garden and Costa Rica’s Certification for Sustainable Tourism.

If you are interested in where your food is coming from, take the Greenhouse Tour to learn about the biointensive gardening method used in the hotel’s greenhouse and explore the organic fruits, vegetables and herbs being grown for the restaurant.

Nearby nature and adventure parks offer a variety of activities including canopy tours and treetop walkways. Rappel down waterfalls on a local farm or book a Full Moon Horse Ride. If it’s ziplining you’re after, Hotel Belmar will advise you on the best tours, which include Tarzan swings, Superman cables and the highest bungee jump in Central America!

From the world-famous Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve, through the Children’s Eternal Rainforest and the community-managed Santa Elena Reserve, to smaller protected areas, the zone offers a wealth of nature trails and guided tours. To see the animals up-close, choose from a multitude of butterfly gardens, insect houses, hummingbird gardens and reptile and amphibian exhibitions.

The Monteverde zone, whose economy was until recently based entirely on agriculture, offers many family-run tours of artisanal sugar processing, coffee harvesting and traditional market gardening.

Ride a Costa Rican ox cart and see how sugar cane is processed, learn about the history of coffee or browse for souvenirs at a women’s cooperative selling locally-produced handicrafts.

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