What Could be Better Than a Destination Wedding in Costa Rica?

Congratulations, you’re getting married in Costa Rica! 

The exciting part begins now: planning your destination wedding in Costa Rica.

Keep reading if you’ve chosen Costa Rica as your wedding destination— We’ll give you all of the information you need so you can start planning your big day along with a week or two in paradise to celebrate your nuptials.

Costa Rica Is Great for Weddings and Honeymoons

Getting married in Costa Rica is ideal for a few reasons. 

First and foremost, the service is bound to be outstanding no matter where you get married. Costa Rican staff members tend to be friendly, attentive, helpful, and professional. They go out of their way to ensure you have a good time. 

Second, exploring the country and seeing some of its natural wonders is exciting.  

Finally, staying in one of our distinctive properties on one of the beaches is ideal for couples who want something really special. The sunsets are spectacular and the lush rainforest is as beautiful as it is romantic. 

???? Pro tip! Ask the team at Small Distinctive Hotels for the name of a great wedding planner. Your wedding planner can find a great Costa Rica wedding DJ, help you book your venue (if it’s not at your distinctive hotel), connect you with a good florist, help you find a great wedding photographer or videographer, and more. In fact, they can handle it all, from A to Z so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the festivities.

Walk Down the Aisle to a Tropical Paradise Costa Rica Honeymoon

One of the biggest advantages to getting married in Costa Rica is that you’ll already be in your honeymoon destination. 

Costa Rica is often considered the perfect honeymoon destination and deserves that reputation. You’ll start your newlywed life off with adventure, romance and discovery as you zip-line through the jungle or relax on the beach near the lush, tropical rainforest bursting with flora and fauna.

Combining your wedding and honeymoon in one trip to Costa Rica gives you a memorable destination wedding and a lavish, adventure-filled post-nuptial vacation. 

In Costa Rica, it’s possible to say “I do” in various settings, from beaches to volcanoes to jungles. You’ll want to consider that each has a distinct personality when planning your big day.

What Paperwork Do We Need to Get Married in Costa Rica? 

Getting married in Costa Rica is easy, although you may want to brush up on some wedding legalities before your big day. First, you’ll need to register your intent to marry at the Civil Registry, located in the main courthouse in San Jose. You and your intended must both be 18 and single. No blood tests or waiting periods are required. 

You’ll need to bring a few things along and be prepared to answer some questions: 

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate 
  • Your parent’s names
  • Your address
  • Your job (not where you work, but what you do)
  • Divorce papers or death certificate of a deceased spouse if you were previously married

How Long Does It Take to Get Married in Costa Rica?

It’s possible to go through the entire process in one day, or you can wait for up to a month once you’ve completed your marriage application— this process is similar to applying for a marriage license in the States.  

There are certain times when things move more slowly than usual — such as during holidays like Christmas and the New Year or Semana Santa (Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday) — so keep that in mind when planning your trip.

Once you are married, your officiant will handle the filing of needed documents to obtain your marriage certificate.

Who Can Perform Our Costa Rica Wedding Ceremony— and Who Should be Present?

Anyone with permission from the Costa Rican government can perform a wedding ceremony. This includes Costa Rican government-licensed judges, religious ministers, and lawyers. 

In Costa Rica, you must have two witnesses present, who aren’t relatives. If you plan to get married in a private ceremony with just the two of you, you’ll need to enlist the attendance of a couple of locals— perhaps a staff member at the hotel where you’re staying or you can ask your officiant to help provide witnesses. Of course, if your destination wedding includes friends and family, you’ll fulfill this requirement- just make sure they have their passports on hand when they sign as witnesses to your marriage. Likewise, locals will need an ID. 

Can I Take My Spouse’s Name When We Get Married in Costa Rica? 

Sure you can! But, in Costa Rica, it is not typical for women to change their last name when they marry. Your names will be placed on your marriage certificate as they appear on your passports. If you want to take your partner’s name, you’ll need to handle that when you return to the States or Canada.  

If you plan to stay in Costa Rica (many visitors fall in love with the country and migrate here!) the most you’ll be able to do regarding your last name change is add it to your ID when you obtain your permanent residency (also known as).

Where Should We Stay With our Costa Rica Wedding Party?

Suppose you’re looking for a Costa Rica hotel to host your wedding party, keep in mind that there are many different types of Costa Rican hotels to choose from. 

Boutique hotels (our specialty!) offer a more intimate and cozy feel, which can be very helpful if you’d like to do things like have a rehearsal dinner, host a spa day leading up to the big day, or even book the entire hotel so you can have it to yourself and your guests! 

Costa Rica Destination Weddings Make It Easier to Combine Your Honeymoon With Your Wedding

Many couples choose to have their wedding and honeymoon simultaneously by choosing a destination wedding in Costa Rica. 

The following are a few tips for creating the wedding and honeymoon of your dreams.

  • Ask our team to recommend a good, local wedding planner; they’ll be happy to help you out. 
  • Your vacation planner at Distinctive Hotels can help you decide on the best boutique hotel for the wedding you want. Whether you’re dreaming of exchanging vows at sunset on the beach, at the base of a volcano with steamy hot springs nearby, or in a cloud forest surrounded by the song of nature, we’ve got you covered.
  • If hiking and river rafting are what you two are into, be sure to let us know that adventure is what will make your honeymoon shine 
  • Is exquisite cuisine your thing? A few of our distinctive hotels have expemplary restaurants. 

Getting Married in Costa Rica— A Destination Dream Wedding Come True

We recommend getting married in Costa Rica if you’re looking for an eco-friendly experience that combines sand, sea, sun, and lush, tropical rainforest. 

When it comes to the perfect destination wedding, you can’t beat Costa Rica. With adventure, discovery, romance, and beautiful scenery, what more can you ask for? 

Ready to start planning your destination wedding today? Reach out now- we’re ready to help you make your dream wedding come to life. 



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