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Small Distinctive Hotels is a collection of boutique hotels in Costa Rica, which are located throughout the most beautiful, diverse, and exciting regions of the country. Each member offers you the best experience in the happiest country in the world.

— Costa Rica Honeymoon —

A real paradise for honeymooners
If you’re searching for the ultimate luxury honeymoon destination, look no further. Costa Rica has become a favorite honeymoon destination for couples. Make your honeymoon unforgettable...
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— Family Vacation —

Unforgettable family vacations in Costa Rica
Choosing the right destination for a family is a fine balancing act. Whether you want adventure sports, interactive nature tours, or the safest and most convenient beaches for children of all ages...
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— Wellness —

A perfect destination to connect with nature
Wellness is an innovative concept. It is a new trend used to represent integral health in which the body, mind, spirit and soul are in harmony, producing a feeling of total well-being...
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— Costa Rica —

A country of similar size to Switzerland, Costa Rica is bursting with biodiversity. Mangroves, coral reefs and beaches lie alongside dry forest, rainforest and every type of tropical forest in between. But whether you are passionate about nature, adventure sports or simply relaxing on the beach, this jewel of Central America offers something for everyone. Costa Rica has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, and opportunities abound for zip-lining, hiking through the cloud forest.

— Sustainability —

The development of sustainable tourism must be seen as the balanced interaction between the use of our natural and cultural resources, the improvement of the quality of life among local communities, and the economic success of the industry, which also contributes to national development. Sustainable tourism is not only a response to demand, but also an imperative condition to successfully compete now and in the future (Definition of Sustainable Tourism, CST 1997).