Small Distinctive Hotels

A Boutique Collection

About Us

Small Distinctive Hotels has been internationally recognized as one of the best hotelier groups in Costa Rica. In addition to this, it is also considered as being home to some of the best Costa Rica beach resorts in the country. Since 1997, Small Distinctive Hotels represents a group of luxury boutique hotels, located throughout the most diverse and beautiful areas of Costa Rica. Tourists have the opportunity to see the best of Costa Rica, while enjoying an authentic Tico experience at hotels committed to excellence in service, amenities and sustainability.

Small Distinctive Hotels unifies first-class properties of Costa Rica and promotes them through an integrated marketing strategy. In addition, the group improves its overall profitability through creating opportunities and tools for improvement in all work areas.

— Mission —

To satisfy our members’ needs for: marketing, human resource development, strategic alliances with providers, quality in facilities and service, sustainability and improvement in efficiency and profitability.

— Vision —

To place our members as the best “Boutique Hotels of Costa Rica,” characterized by their high standards in ethics, quality and personalized service. To increase the number of members to up to twelve properties through integrated marketing strategy, sustainable development, human resource training, and advantageous negotiations with suppliers.

— Values —

Ethics: Small Distinctive Hotels develops its functions honestly and does all its work in accordance with the law.

Respect: SDH respects any suggestions or ideas from our members, employees and guests.

Equality: All the members have the same opportunities to do business, to get exposure and to contribute to the group.

Quality: SDH provides Excellence in service to members and guests.

Integrity: SDH is committed to contribute in all areas that members require.

Solidarity: SDH supports all members of the group and offer solutions when they are needed.

Membership Standards

All Small Distinctive Hotels members are characterised for the following basic standards: