Costa Rica

Land of mysterious volcanoes and magical beaches


A country of similar size to Switzerland, Costa Rica is bursting with biodiversity. Mangroves, coral reefs and beaches lie alongside dry forest, rainforest and every type of tropical forest in between. But whether you are passionate about nature, adventure sports or simply relaxing on the beach, this jewel of Central America offers something for everyone. Costa Rica has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, and opportunities abound for zip-lining, hiking through the cloud forest, browsing the boutiques or sipping a drink on the balcony as the monkeys swing by. The people are known for their friendly approach to life and value the peaceful harmony they have worked hard to maintain since their army was abolished in 1949.


A small and blessed country located in Central America, this green territory is just 51,100 km, approximately half the size of the state of Kentucky, or slightly larger than Switzerland. Costa Rica shares a border with Nicaragua to the North and Panama to the South, and to the east the Caribbean Sea and to the west the warm and exotic Pacific Ocean.

The wonderful tropical weather is awaiting you in Costa Rica, where there are two seasons, the summer or dry season from December to April, and from May through November, the green season.


From mouth-watering steaks in the cattle-ranching province of Guanacaste, to the coconut-infused Caribbean fare of Limón Province, Costa Rican cuisine will not fail to delight your palate. Make sure to sample traditional food, whether in the simple, ubiquitous Soda (a café-style restaurant invariably populated by locals) or in restaurants advertising a typical menu. In some locations, you may even find fusion restaurants offering a modern twist on typical Costa Rican fare.


Costa Rica boasts nearly 300 different beaches along its Pacific and Caribbean coastlines. Each beach is unique in its beauty and distinction.

Sands vary in color from white, black, brown and even pink; while other beaches are made up of shells or rocks. On your next trip to Costa Rica, see how many you can visit from our list of recommended beaches.

Two Horizons

Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean

— Mountain —

With over 25% of all land designated as protected areas of one type or another, Costa Rica offers a lush, varied landscape. The extensive National Park System includes both land and marine ecosystems, protecting habitats and with them, many rare and endangered plant and animal species.

Costa Rica’s progressive policies on environmental protection and sustainable ecotourism have been lauded as a model for other countries. The infrastructure and support provided by the parks system has allowed for extensive studies to be conducted in the country’s forests, marine areas and wetlands, contributing to the world’s knowledge of these unique tropical ecosystems.

— Hotels —

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