Don’t let COVID-19 Ruin Your Costa Rica Vacation

With just a few confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Costa Rica, it remains a safe and beautiful place to travel; still, all travelers, regardless of destination, should take precautions. Costa Rica [...]

 A romantic weekend in San Jose, Costa Rica

With Valentine’s Day just behind us, I’m full of warm reflection on my romantic weekend in San Jose, Costa Rica.  St. Valentine’s day fell on a Friday this year, which gave us a great [...]

Visiting Arenal, Costa Rica

Arenal and the surrounding area of northern Costa Rica are popular for things to do and see. Visiting Arenal Volcano is a visit to one of the most recognizable volcanoes in Costa Rica. The [...]

Visiting the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica

One of the world’s Blue Zones, the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica is a land of contrasts It’s well worth visiting the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica; it’s isolated, mostly unspoiled, and has all [...]

Introducing Tango Mar

Tango Mar: Oasis of comfort and luxury on the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica Tango Mar sits on 150 acres of the scenically stunning and remote, Southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. [...]

The Gilded Iguana

The Guilded Iguana in Nosara is a surfer’s paradise that’s perfect for anyone Billed as the “Surf Hotel,” The Gilded Iguana claims a spot in Nosara’s history as an off-the-grid destination for [...]

Arenal Kioro Green Luxury

Stylish boutique hotel with Arenal volcano views from every suite The flower-adorned approach to Arenal Kioro hints at the carefully landscaped 27 acres that set off this luxury boutique hotel [...]

Is it safe to drink alcohol in Costa Rica?

What you need to know about adulterated alcohol in Costa Rica The World Health Organization has reported poisoning incidents in more than a half dozen countries worldwide. In Costa Rica, the [...]

Interesting Insects of Costa Rica

From flutterbys to creepers, check out these 5 interesting insects that make their home in Costa Rica   Whether creepy crawlers are your thing or not, you have to admit that Costa Rica has [...]

20 Amphibians and Reptiles in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s great biodiversity includes an impressive number of reptiles and amphibians; if these creepy crawlers are your thing, you’ll be delighted!   Costa Rica is a place of [...]